LX6 Lab Doser

Accurate and flexible dispensing of liquids for Research and Development

LX6 Lab Doser – The ideal solution for color-tone development

The LX6 Lab Doser guarantees efficient and economical series formulation and sample production. Fast and highly reproducible processing of dosing recipes with complete documentation of the dosing results facilitate your work process enormously.

The LX6 enables the storage and fully automatic gravimetric dosing of liquid raw materials. The storage containers can be easily exchanged without tools and are equipped with an RFID tag for automatic identification. The raw materials can be stirred during storage to prevent sedimentation.

The dosing valves and the dosing sequence are designed for high throughput in combination with high dosing accuracy. They can be cleaned fully automatically after each dosing process. Dosing results are recorded with a high-precision scale and documented with the system software.

The number of raw materials and size of the storage and formulation tanks can be adapted to your needs.  The combination of one or more LX6 with handling robots or the connection with an Integrated Lab Station (ILS) are also possible at any time.

Is the LX6 the right solution?

Automatic formulation

Quickly create recipes from liquid raw materials without user intervention. Parameter transfer directly from your ERP system


Highly reproducible dosing and complete documentation of results. Avoidance of incorrect metering through automatic nozzle cleaning


Combination or linking of several LX6 laboratory dosing systems to increase throughput and/or when the number of raw materials increases. Functional expansion through combination with BLS Spray Application or an ILS

You want to know if the LX-6 can handle your raw materials? We can carry out tests together with you.