Lab automation is nothing without service – we offer what it takes to make and keep systems running

Analysis of your workflows

Together with you we analyse your lab work and transfer the knowledge of your experts into automated systems.

Engineering studies

Where transcription of lab workflows to an automated system in not easily possible, we will carry out enginering studies to find the right solution.

Proof-of-concept studies

Sometimes the first step is to prove that the lab work can be automated at all. Our automation specialists and your experts will work out a solution approach together.

Tests with your materials

We test your chemicals on our modules. Whether dosing powders or liquids, mixing, spraying, etc. You can convince yourself that our technology is indeed suitable for your lab work.


Prevent system failures with regular maintenance or upgrade your system with conversions and enhancements.


We are at your side in case of problems and train your maintenance staff so that they can also quickly fix problems themselves.

Spare parts

With emergency spare parts packages you have a quick solution if something does need repairing.


We always have consumables in stock for you. We ensure consistent quality and future-proofing, for example, with our own injection molding tools.

You have a special requirement for measuring properties or analysing your sample?

Get in touch with us to see how we can help.