compact lab station

The entry-level solution for automating lab- and QC- workflows.

Compact Lab Station – Modularly expandable

The Compact Lab Station can automatically prepare formulations from liquids, pastes and powders. It has a small foot print and can be placed anywere in your laboratory, while still offering all benefits of the BLS Syringe.

The basic CLS allows gravimetrical dosing of liquids, pastes and powders, as well as mixing with a stirrer for automatically preparing formulations. The system can be extended with pH and viscosity measurement and adjustment. It is furthermore expandable by connecting CLS-units, or combining the CLS with an ILS or e.g. a spraying system.

Automatically preparing formulations is as easy as this: Once the system is loaded with raw materials as well as empty BLS Syringes and parameters for samples are defined, it will automatically prepare up to 50 samples. The stirrer of course will be cleaned automatically and the plunger or a cap will be inserted to finally have a syringe or container filled with formultaion ready for being dispensed or used otherwise.

The Compact Lab Station is designed to meet the needs and requirements of medium-sized enterprises or to enable a step-wise introduction of high throughput technologies in research and quality control areas.


The CLS is based on our BLS Syringe technology and can therefore handle all kinds of formulations with low to high viscosities. Dosing of solvents or paste-like liquids is possible as well as dosing of powders.

Formulations can be mixed using low or high shear mixers and afterwards directly supplied to an application without any manual interaction such as decanting or cleaning.

Thus the Compact Lab Station can be used in many different formulation and material handling areas. It offers quick and cleaning-free raw material exchange and unique capabilities such as dosing while stirring, pH or viscosity adjustment and instantaneous usage of a formulation as a raw material.

Typical use cases for the CLS

The CLS is suitable for all kind of liquid, paste-like or creamy formulations such as:

  • Paints and coatings
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Hair and skin cosmetics
  • Agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals


The CLS offers dosing capability for a wide range of materials and chemicals:

  • Low- and high-viscous liquids and suspensions
  • Pasty and creamy liquids
  • Free flowing to sticky powders


The formulation processes can include various process steps:

  • Gravimetrically controlled and volumetric dosing
  • Dosing while stirring
  • High- and low shear mixing with automatic cleaning
  • Use of empty and pre-filled formulation containers
  • pH- and viscosity measurement and adjustment

Your workflow involves steps that the basic system does not offer? Please contact us, combining the CLS with other modules could be the ideal solution!