Automated lab- and QC-workflows.
Customised to your requirements

Integrated Lab Station – The flexible system

ILS Handling Robot

The integrated lab station (ILS) is a highly flexible system for automating your research or quality control workflows. The ILS can be fully customized to your requirements.

Dosing raw materials, mixing, grinding & dispersion, adjusting properties such as pH and viscosity, characterizing the liquid, pasty or creamy formulation, using a formulation as raw material, checking stability, spraying, doctor-blading or applying the formulation otherwise. All these functionalities are available as standard modules!

But there is even more: We have standard modules for characterization of samples created by applying the formulation to a substrate, even including destructive tests. Finally, if a specific test of function is not yet available, we will develop it for you.

The fully automated ILS is particularly suitable for large numbers of samples. For ensuring the throughput an ILS is equipped with one or more handling robot(s), and if required even with additional XYZ-handling systems for further reducing the cycle time. Modules come with their own controllers for decoupling the workflow completely from the handling operations. The end of such a workflow can for example be a paint, an adhesive, a cosmetic cream or a pharmaceutical formulation.

The base for the ILS is the BLS Syringe which offers an enormous simplification within formulation development due to its unique characteristics.

Shorten time-to-market

The Integrated Lab Station speeds up your development projects and reduces material consumption through high throughput technology and use of the BLS Syringe. This shortens the time to market and lowers development costs.

Have the system you need, now and in future

An ILS is a completely flexible and scalable automation system. When your requirements or needs change, it is easy to modify the ILS. Modify existing modules, add new modules or even combine the ILS with other systems.

Add functionality which is yet unknown

By using a modular design and offering development of new modules or even technologies we ensure simple adjustment to any customer requirements.

Benefit from the same advantages as our existing customers

Increase the efficiency of your lab-work by a factor of approx. 2.5. Reduce development costs and costs for waste disposal by up to 60%. Use lab automation as a key to your success.

Your workflow requires a customized solution and you want to know which modules and which system configuration are ideal for you?