Container for storage of raw materials and for preparing formulations.

The BLS Syringe – One container type for formulations and raw materials

The patended BLS Syringe consits of a syringe cylinder and a plunger with dosing tip and is available in different sizes.

The cylinder can be used as a formulation container and, after inserting the plunger, allows direct dosing of formulations. That means: Formulations become new raw materials without change of containers! Furthermore, the syringe can directly be used for application.

Characterisation of the liquid formulation can be carried out directly in the syringe cylinder, i.e. does not require transfilling of the sample.

The syringe is available as disposable item and therefore avoids the need for cleaning formulation containers. A new container for each sample means zero risk of contamination or cross-contamination.

When used as raw material container the cylinder can very easily be filled and the syringe be re-used/re-filled multiple times.

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