Automated, highly reproducible coating of test panels with smallest amounts of paint.

The BLS Spray Application – Quality control at hand

The BLS Spray Application allows highly reproducible coating of test panels in industrial quality with low amounts of paint and switching between colours without cleaning.

This is all it takes: After loading a syringe with the coating material (water or solvent based) and the test panel into the spray zone, selecting the spraying parameters the spraying process is carried out fully automatically.

The innovative design based on a conventional pneumatic spray head, ensures highly reproducible spraying results. Our award-winning technology (European Coating Award 2005) makes it possible to switch between different paints and coatings without cleaning. Different pneumatic spray heads and nozzle types are available.

The BLS Spray Application is available in different sizes and different variants. Depending on your requirements a small stand-alone machine or a completely automated system might be ideal for your coating-lab or your QC.

The BLS spray application can also be combined with our Compact Lab Station or integrated into an Integrated Lab Station.

Do you need rotary bell application, electrostatic spraying or airless application? We have a solution for you. Please contact us!

Why use automatic spraying from Füll?


The BLS Spray Application is designed for achieving highly reproducible results. Spraying results are no longer dependent on a human factor.


Spraying results obtained with different machines are directly comparable. The quality of your products can be checked and maintained across different production sites.


For many coating systems spraying parameters can be transferred to the BLS Spray Application independently from the application method of the end user.

Ease of use and cost savings

Spraying tests panels is now possible without being a painting expert. Cost savings are achieved by quickly switching between colors and paint systems, reduced cleaning effort, low paint consumption.

Short term return of investment

Our customers confirm that the number of complaints has decreased considerably after implementing a QC process using our BLS Spray Application.


Spraying of perfect test panels with less than 20ml is possible and switching of colours does no longer require cleaning solvents and does not generate any waste.

You need rotary bell application, electrostatic spraying or airless application? We have a solution for you.