Füll Lab Automation – excellence in automating research and quality control

Our core competence is the transfer of customer specific workflows into highly flexible automation solutions.

We provide technology and software for high throughput experimentation, lab automation and quality control.

The systems and modules are based on a modular and scalable concept, suitable for industry and with emphasis on system design, engineering, hardware- and software-design and -development.

Füll Lab Automation is your partner for:

  • Automation of your formulation workflows and your quality control
  • Automated systems build with robust and flexible industrial technology
  • Development of novel tools and solutions not available elsewhere on the market
  • Staying ahead of your competition through faster and more efficient development and quality control

Experts for innovations in your formulation lab

Our team of experts is ready for discussing your specific requirements. Where we do not have off-the-shelf solutions, we offer engineering or proof-of-concept studies. We are also at your disposal to perform tests with your raw materials or formulations.

Your discussion partners are chemists, chemical engineers, design engineers, software developers and mechanics with more than 15 years of experience in mechanical engineering and laboratory automation.