2003 – 2021

From Bosch Lab Systems to Füll Lab Automation

  • Start

    Development of the syringe technology within the scope of an R&D project in the Central Research of Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Founding of "Bosch Lab Systems" in the Venture Capital Centre of Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Further development of the BLS syringe and development of the BLS spray application
  • Transition to the Bosch Packaging Division, “Lab Systems” product area
  • Delivery of the first integrated lab station (ILS) and the first BLS spray application to the paints & coatings industry
  • The first system (ILS) in the crop protection market segment is installed
  • The first compact lab station (CLS) installed in the adhesives market segment, the first system (“laboratory washing machine”) in the detergents and cleaning agents market segment is delivered
  • "Bosch Lab Systems" is assigned to the pharmaceuticals product area
  • First system (ILS) in the cosmetics market segment is installed. The tenth BLS spray application is delivered
  • Largest ILS in the paints and varnishes market segment (length 22m,> 40 modules) goes into operation
  • First system in the pharmaceutical segment ("Electro-Nanosprayer") is delivered
  • The first water robot is delivered. The first BLS spray application is put into operation in the USA and Mexico.
  • The first system installed in India (CLS for paint development); first BLS spray application is installed in China
  • Bosch becomes Syntegon. The “Lab Systems” group is assigned to the “Food” division
  • Since March 2021: Füll Lab Automation GmbH
  • Integrated Lab Station (ILS) with application module for adhesive development installed