20.10.22, 11:00

Füll Lab Automation has an exciting application story in the trade press: Laboratory Automation for New Adhesive Formulations

The trade magazine “adhesion Adhesives + Sealants“, the trade journal for industrial adhesives and sealants, has published an application story about one of our automation solutions in its November issue.

In its Adhesive Inspiration Center in Dusseldorf, Henkel develops new adhesive formulations of all kinds. Our Integrated Lab Station (ILS) makes it possible to produce even small quantities of formulations and to apply these to sample carriers. In this way, our automation solution helps to save resources and to deliver scientifically valid results.

We are proud of the successful cooperation with Henkel and will be pleased to demonstrate our individual automation solutions to you.

The article was published in adhäsion 66 (2022) Heft 10, S. 34-36 Original article at Springer